Empowering Youth Through Education

Q & A: Mercedes Rojas

Mercedes Rojas is the mother of Fulfillment Fund college scholar Elizabeth Rojas, a junior at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University in Minnesota, and Fulfillment Fund high school student Jazmyne Rojas, who attends Gertz-Ressler High School.

Q: What impact has the Fulfillment Fund program had on you?
In helping my daughter, you are helping me. They have taken a great burden from me in helping Elizabeth with her finances for college. Her scholarship has helped her buy books and her flight tickets to college in Minnesota. I no longer have to worry or stress over how I will come up with that money.

Thanks to the Fulfillment Fund I did not have to go searching for information to get her to college. They had the tools to inform her, who would then inform me. The workshops were very helpful with advice and orienting parents, for example when we went to UCLA in 2013, they talked to us about scholarships and college. They gave us an idea of what to expect for our children. She would not have gone to Minnesota, had not Fulfillment Fund college counselor Elizabeth Zamudio sat with me and explained financial aid.

Al ayudar a mi hija, me ayudan a mí. Me han quitado un gran peso de encima en ayudar a Elizabeth económicamente para la universidad. La beca le ayudado comprar libros, útiles, y su paisaje Minnesota. Ya no tenga pena ni tensión de tener que juntar el dinero que necesita.
Gracias a Fulfillment Fund no tuve que dar vueltas para investigar cómo podía ir a una universidad. Ellos tienen los útiles para informarla a ella, y ella me informa a mí. Los workshops de consejos nos da orientación a los padres, como cuando fuimos a UCLA en 2013. Nos hablaron de becas y universidades. No dieron una idea de que podíamos esperar para nuestros hijos.
Ello no hubiera ido a Minnesota si Elizabeth Zamudio no me hubiera podido explicar los gastos.

Q: How have your children changed since being with the Fulfillment Fund?
Thanks to the program she knows much more about college, and how to get there. That has helped her become more independent and make her own educated decision. Which also has given her the opportunity to help others who don’t have the program find a direction.

Gracias al programa ella sabe mucho más sobre las universidades y los pasos para ir. Eso la ha ayudado a independizado y poder tomar sus propias decisiones. También ella ha podido ayudar a otras personas que no tienen este programa en tener una dirección.

Q: What advice would you give to parents who want their kids to go to college?
Find counseling with Fulfillment Fund! They will help your children go to college. Motivate your children to go to college. If they have the option to go far for college, let them leave. Take advantage of your opportunities here. All of us did not have the same opportunity to study, but with Fulfillment Fund you have a chance for an education.

¡Busquen consejería con Fulfillment Fund! Ellos si van ayudar a sus hijos ir a la Universidad. Motiven a sus hijos ir a la universidad. Y si tienen la opción de estudiar lejos, que se vayan. Aprovechen las oportunidades que tienen aquí y estudien. No todos pudimos estudiar, y con Fulfillment Fund es más fácil obtener una educación.

Q: What would you like to see more in the program?
It would be great if parents went to college trips too. There isn’t much to change, as they already do more than expected to help us parents understand.

Estaría bueno que llevaran a los papás a las universidades también. No hay mucho que cambiar porque hacen lo posible por ayudarnos a nosotros como padres.