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Alumni Ambassadors

The Alumni Ambassadors' mission is to enable all alumni to realize their full potential and create a community to support their success.

Through volunteering, fundraising and mentoring, the Ambassadors look to create a culture of philanthropy while supporting all Fulfillment Fund generations through professional workshops and networking opportunities.  

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The Alumni Ambassadors are a group dedicated to create a culture of philanthropy and support for all Fulfillment Fund generations. As a member of the Alumni Ambassadors, you will not only give back to the Fulfillment Fund and the community, but also receive professional advancement opportunities.  

Here’s what our current leaders have to say: 

"The Alumni Ambassadors are the future of the Fulfillment Fund. Every year there is an increasing amount of students graduating from college which leads to more Alumni in the workforce making an impact on society in very unique ways. It is imperative the Alumni not only to develop their professional careers and achieve their dreams but also to promote the Fulfillment Fund as role models for the students that are following in their footsteps." 
Jorge Parra, President, Fulfillment Fund Alumni Ambassadors

As a member of the Alumni Ambassadors, you will have the opportunity to join one of three committees: membership & recruitment, program support and professional development. 

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President - Jorge Parra
VP, Communications - Christopher Lopez
Chair, Membership - Diana Yedalyan
Vice Chair, Membership - Alex Cruz
Chair, Professional Development - Veronica Estrada
Vice Chair, Professional Development - Isela Barrios
Chair, Program Support - Devery Rodgers
Vice Chair, Program Support - Gemma Jimenez
Chair, Recruitment Events - Nelson Gil

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Interested in learning more about the Alumni Ambassadors? Contact Veronica Sosa-Lopez, Director of Development Operations and Alumni Relations, at (323) 900-8771.

Fulfillment Fund Alumni Ambassadors