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Alumni Ambassadors

The Alumni Ambassadors' mission is to enable all alumni to realize their full potential and create a community to support their success.

Through volunteering, fundraising and mentoring, the Ambassadors look to create a culture of philanthropy while supporting all Fulfillment Fund generations through professional workshops and networking opportunities.  

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The Alumni Ambassadors are a group dedicated to create a culture of philanthropy and support for all Fulfillment Fund generations. As a member of the Alumni Ambassadors, you will not only give back to the Fulfillment Fund and the community, but also receive professional advancement opportunities.  

As a member of the Alumni Ambassadors, you will have the opportunity to join a committee led by one of our current board members or even join the board after you've been an ambassador for one year. Email us to learn more about increasing your participation. 

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Currently led by 14 active Fulfillment Fund alums who are serving as board members of the group, our Alumni Ambassador network is consistently growing. Click here to meet our active Alumni Ambassadors. 

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Interested in learning more about the Alumni Ambassadors? Contact Veronica Sosa-Lopez, Director of Development Operations and Alumni Relations, at (323) 900-8771.

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