Empowering Youth Through Education

Katherine Cabrel

Destination College Representative

Katherine Cabrel serves on the Fulfillment Fund’s Alumni Ambassador board as Destination College Representative. She became involved with the Fulfillment Fund when she was a teenager attending Los Angeles High School taking part in the College Pathways Program. She is the daughter of parents who immigrated from Lima, Peru escaping the civil war in the eighties and dreaming of a better opportunity for their children in the U.S. Her parents always gave her all the help and support they could, but did not have much knowledge on how higher education worked in the U.S. Katherine did not have much direction when she was young and was only considering community college after high school. The Fulfillment Fund helped guide her to dream bigger for a brighter future and gave her a lot of support. It was because of the Fulfillment Fund that she was able to attend Destination College held at Loyola Marymount where she met a representative from the University of San Francisco. Eventually, she moved to San Francisco as a first generation college student where she  completed her B.A in Communication Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies. It was in college that she was able to take on many community service roles and was even able to serve the community when she traveled to different countries such as Vietnam and Peru.

Even after college, the Fulfillment Fund has been an integral part of Katherine's life. In 2010, she was given the opportunity to take part in the Women's Leadership Council where she met many amazing professional women and learned of an opening at a company she would eventually work for. Katherine was also given the opportunity to attend the Sun Valley Writer's Conference in 2012 where she met many famous authors.

Katherine has always enjoyed being part of the Fulfillment Fund and volunteering with them whenever she could post college. She is very excited and committed to serving youth dreaming of a higher education as a board member.

Katherine currently works for VCA Antech, a veterinarian corporation, where she does Hospital Accounting Administration. As a dog lover herself, She really enjoys the company she works for.

Aside from working and volunteering with the Fund, Katherine also enjoys volunteering at many other non-profits and events. When she's not working or volunteering, she enjoys reading, hiking, Power Yoga, and traveling.