Empowering Youth Through Education

Kevin M.

I am not going to say that I am the only individual raised by a single mother, with no male role model. I am one of many. I do not seek sympathy from anyone because of my situation; all I ask for is an opportunity for additional growth outside of what has already been provided to me by my mother and grandmother. Being able to prove to myselfand show my father that I can and will do better with my life despite him not being aroundgives me satisfaction and closure.

I have been a part of the Fulfillment Fund for two years now. I have visited colleges all over California with the Fulfillment Fund, and I visit my Fulfillment Fund College Access Program advisor and college counselors every day. Even when I call them late at night, they always pick up and are there to answer my questions.

I have applied to more than a dozen colleges, including Tuskegee University, Western Michigan University, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Purdue University. In college I plan to study aeronautical engineering and become a pilot. Ever since I was younger I have always loved planes. I'm fascinated by the power of plane engines. I even interned for American Airlines at Los Angeles International Airport. I took a break from the internship to work on my college applications, but once I complete my applications, I hope to continue with the internship.

My twin brother unfortunately isn't in the same small learning community as me at Hamilton High School, so he doesn't benefit from the same Fulfillment Fund services. Before I joined the Fulfillment Fund, I didn't have anything coming in about college, and neither did my brother. Now, I'm like a window for him -- whatever I see, he sees. I have told him about the A-G requirements, what classes he should take, why extracurricular activities are important, and what colleges would be the best fit for him. Now he's all set and has already been accepted to Spartan University in Oklahoma, which is a flying school. Wherever we are, we'll always support one another.   

I tell everybody about the Fulfillment Fund, even people outside of school and outside of California. With all the knowledge I gain from the Fulfillment Fund, I pass on my experiences to my peers and tell them why continuing your education after high school is the best way to go. I just wish the Fulfillment Fund could expand so more kids could get the one-on-one attention I get. If I become successful, I'd like to create something like the Fulfillment Fund, so everyone can have the same opportunity for success that I have been given.