Empowering Youth Through Education

Q & A: Georgina Gutierrez

Georgina Gutierrez is the mother of four children in the Fulfillment Fund Mentor Program: Jenny (now a UC Davis sophomore), Bianca (now a UC Santa Barbara freshman), Denise (entering 11th grade) and Rodrigo (entering 9th grade).

Georgina and Jenny GutierrezQ: How is the Fulfillment Fund Mentor Program working for you?

The program has helped our family a lot when it comes to our children. It definitely has helped change their behavior in school.

El programa nos a ayudado mucho a nuestra familia con nuestros hijas y hijo. Definitivamente les a cambiado como se comportan en la escuela.

Q: What impact has the program had on you?

For me, the mentoring program has helped me a lot with all of them. What I’ve seen is that they now create their own goals and it has taught them to think ahead while preparing for their future.

Para mi, el programa de los mentores me a ayudado mucho con todos. Lo que e visto es que ellos ahora crean sus metas y tambien les a enseñado come pensar adelante y prepararse para el futoro.

Q: How have your children changed since being admitted to the Mentor Program?

I’ve seen the changes in them when it comes to their grades. They put effort into wanting to get better and high grades. If they have issues with their grades, the program is there to help them. Also, the change that I’ve noticed is in how they carry themselves. They know that they have to attend a university.

Yo veo el cambio en ellos cuando se refierre a sus grados. Se efuerzan a logra los mas que pueden. Si tienen problemas, esta el programa para ayudarles. Tambien el cambio que se nota es como se llevan ellos con otros. Saben ellos que tienen que lograr a llegar al la Universidad.

Gutierrez FamilyQ: What advice would you give to parents who want their kids to go to college?

The program will help your children have attainable goals. At the same time, it will teach them how to surpass challenges that they come across in their academics and personal lives. The program has given us the confidence in knowing that they can and will graduate and they can have a college education.

El program les ayudara as sus hijos y hijas a tener metas que se puedan lograr. Al mismo tiempo, les enseñara a como sobre-pasar problemas que se encuentren en sus estudios y vidas personales. El programa nos a dado confianza en saber que si pueden graduare y si pueden tener una educación de una Universidad.

Q: What would you like to see more in the program?

The work and service that the Fulfillment Fund has provided to us is perfect. I cannot think of something that needs to change.

El trabajo y servicios que nos a dado el Fulfillment Fund es perfecto. No puedo pensar algo que necesite cambio.