Empowering Youth Through Education

Ifeanyi Onyejiji

Digital Learning Operations Manager

Ifeanyi Onyejiji joined the Fulfillment Fund in April 2014. Since starting at the Fund, Ifeanyi has served as a College Access Program Advisor, a College Counselor, and now serves in his current role as Operations Manager for the Digital Learning Program. As Operations Manager, he co-leads the Digital Learning Department. In addition to digital curriculum creation, management of an online learning system, and financial forecasting, Ifeanyi helps establish and secure partnerships for the digital program. 

Prior to joining the Fulfillment Fund, Ifeanyi spent years working for non-profits that support the academic and personal development of underserved youth. He has held the belief that there are two key elements to providing college access support to youth from underrepresented groups. One, provide the crucial knowledge and necessary steps needed to prepare for higher education. The second, is instilling the motivation and belief inside each student that will inspire them to strive for his or her goals.

Ifeanyi received his B.A from UC Berkeley in Economics. He continued his studies at National University where he received his M.S in Educational Counseling with a PPS Credential.